CNN ‘Conservative’ Says We Should Send Melania Trump, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio Back To Where They Came From

Ashley (Kimber)

No one ticks me off quite like Ana Navarro.


Because I know her game.

Ana Navarro likes to call herself a Conservative. She is in no way, shape, or FORM a conservative. She simply knows that CNN won’t put an ACTUAL conservative on. So, by calling herself a conservative but talking mad crap about Trump and all other Republicans, she gives CNN more of what they want, while assuring herself a cushy little gig as their “token” Republican. Of course, then they can pretend to be fair without actually speaking to any real conservatives.

AAANYWAY – Trump’s tweets calling for Leftist congresswomen to “go back” to where they came from were pretty controversial. As I said, I understand the intent behind them, but I think it could have been verbalized in a better way.

Ana Navarro’s take was one o the grossest yet.

“And if we’re gonna start sending people back, I don’t know — ya know, listen, Ted Cruz was born in Canada, Marco Rubio’s parents were born in Cuba, Melania Trump was born where? Slovenia. How about her parents how are here through family immigration.”

What ABOUT them?

Trump said if you don’t like this country, LEAVE. Do Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, and Melania hate this country?

They sure don’t act like it.

“I am sick of this guy’s hypocrisy and his ways of dividing this country, pitting people against each other.”

And I think it is no coincidence, it is no coincidence, that the congresspeople he’s picking on are all women of color, they’re all women of color.”

OOOOOF COURSE. It’s all about racism. It has nothing to do with the simple fact that these Congresswomen happen to be the

“As a woman of color yourself, do you believe Donald Trump wants you in this country?” CNN host Ana Cabrera asked Navarro.

“I really couldn’t care less what Donald Trump wants,” Navarro answered. “I don’t care if he wants me in this country or not because this is my country. He doesn’t get to decide that. I am a naturalized citizen.”

I moved to this country too, by the way. When I was twelve. I’m a Hispanic woman. Not once, not ONE time have I thought Trump doesn’t want me in this country.


Because Trump loves people who love America. It’s that simple.