Obama Deported More People Than Trump, But CNN Doesn’t Care

Erin Evans

In the wake of this weekend’s ICE deportation sweeps, CNN published an article entitled “Yes, Obama deported more people than Trump but context is everything,” written by Zachary B. Wolf.

You can already tell Wolf’s article is going to be totally unbiased, right?

Wolf starts by pointing out that the deportations have been falling under each new administration for awhile now: Trump has deported less people than Obama, who deported less people than Bush, who deported less people by Clinton.

Okay, fine.

He goes on to discuss the type of people deported under Obama versus Trump:

“A straight numbers-by-numbers comparison doesn’t provide an accurate picture of what was going on in the administration,” Cecilia Muñoz, who was a top domestic policy adviser under Obama and is now with the left-leaning New America Foundation, said in a phone interview.

She argues that Obama prioritized deporting people convicted of serious crimes and arrivals who had no criminal records.

“If you’re not targeting and focused on people who recently arrived, then the border is effectively open,” Muñoz said, adding: “It is more humane to be removing people who have been here two weeks than it is to be removing people who have been here for 20 years and have families.”

Trump, by contract, she said, has rejected the policy of focusing on new arrivals and criminals and instead wants to deport as many people as possible.

Then, however, Wolf points out that Trump has made significantly less interior removals than Obama.  People removed from the interior of the country (away from the border) have likely been in the country longer than those by the border.

So what’s the issue?

In his analysis of the data, Wolf made sure to point out Trump’s rhetoric – how he infamously called some Mexicans racist, that he campaigned on building a wall and getting tough on Mexico.

So basically it comes down to this:

The left loved Obama, and still loves Obama, and will twist itself into fantastically contortions to justify his actions.  That’s the only context needed here.

Once again, CNN just adds fuel to #fakenewsnetwork fire.

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