Former ICE Director Destroys House Dems at Hearing

Erin Evans

Yesterday, the House of Representatives held a hearing on illegal immigration and child separation.   Ashley already told you about Rep. Rashida Tlaib’s emotional testimony.

But wait there’s more!  Former ICE Director Thomas Homan testified at the hearing, and he didn’t hold back.

AOC tried to force Homan to agree that he recommended family separation.  He left her speechless.

Bingo.  It doesn’t matter who you are, if you commit a crime and are arrested, you are going to be separated from your family.  You want to come to the U.S. and keep your family together?  Come here legally, at a point of entry.

That wasn’t even Homan’s greatest moment.  Homan went OFF on Representative Chuy Garcia (D-IL), and the Committee in general.

“We’re a nation of laws.  If you don’t like it, sir, change it. You’re the legislator, I’m the executive branch, and I’ve served my country honorably for 34 years, and I will not sit here and have anybody say that I don’t care about children because you’re not the same color as my children.”

But the Democrats don’t want to change it.  They want to grandstand.  They don’t want to take steps towards immigration reform that would benefit both sides – and, more importantly, those who are so desperate to come here.  Nope, they’d rather hold out for open borders.

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