Rep. Matt Gaetz Releases Audio Of Prominent Dem Laughing And Denying Border Crisis

Ashley (Kimber)

The Dem’s outage at the “humanitarian crisis” at the border is nothing but political theatre.

They don’t CARE.

How do I know this?

Well, they keep using pictures taken during the Obama admin. If things were so bad then, I’m a little perplexed on why they weren’t talking about it then.

Additionally, Democrats SCOFFED at the idea of a crisis at the border just months ago.

Suddenly we have American concentration camps? Where was the outrage during the Obama admin. HECK, where was the outrage just a few months ago?

Rep. Matt Gaetz is exposing JUST that.

According to Daily Caller: 

Florida GOP Rep. Matt Gaetz played an audio clip of a top Democrat laughing at and denying the existence of a border crisis when a lawmaker called it “offensive” to claim the Democratic Party was in denial about the issue.

“The gentlelady from Texas in her prior claim of time said it was ‘offensive’ to assert that Democrats were in denial about the crisis on the border,” Gaetz began Thursday during a House Judiciary committee hearing involving the humanitarian emergency taking place at the southern border.

“I would invite my Democratic colleagues to go to my official Twitter account where I have posted an interview from January 9, 2019, it was on CNN, not exactly a hostile network for you folks, and it’s, well, let me just play what the question was and it’s Jim Clyburn, the Democratic whip, answering the question,” the Florida Republican continued.

Gaetz then played the audio into his microphone. The exchange was between House Majority Whip Jim Clyburn, the third-highest ranked Democrat in the House, and a CNN host. The CNN host asked Clyburn if he agreed with the president that there was a “humanitarian crisis” at the border. Clyburn can be heard chuckling before saying “absolutely not.”

The audio clip only lasted a few seconds, but Gaetz played it on a loop that repeated the exchange six times before he finally put his phone down. The repetition of the audio clip earned the consternation of Pennsylvania Democratic Rep. Madeleine Dean, who attempted to interject.

“Is it appropriate for a Member to just put on a loop, a teeny soundbite out of context? Is that allowed?” Dean asked.

After the chairman of the committee gave Gaetz back his time, the Florida lawmaker explained the significance of Clyburn’s answer.

“I just think that’s quite something, that when you’re fed back your own words from your own leadership from earlier this year, you think that’s out of context and inappropriate and not allowed. Again, we didn’t raise the issue. It was the gentlelady from Texas that said ‘these allegations from Republicans that we were in denial — they’re offensive. We’ve always known of the crisis.’ And the Democratic Whip laughed! ‘Absolutely not.’ Laughed. Thought it was laughable,” Gaetz said.

It IS laughable… because it’s NOTHING BUT A CLOWN SHOW.

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