Joe Biden Says He ‘Respects No Borders’

Ashley (Kimber)

Joe Biden doesn’t believe in borders. Or believes in open borders. Or thinks America should just stop being a country and open up all the borders and just be the gap between Canada and Mexico. I’m not really sure, because NONE OF THIS MAKES ANY SENSE:

“I respect no borders, and cannot be contained by any walls,” he said. “As president, I will do more than just restore the historic partnerships.”

Wait… these “Historic partnerships” are ALL based on respecting national borders. A country with no borders IS NOT A COUNTRY.


Here’s the whole context, and I actually don’t think it makes it ANY better:

“Working cooperatively with other nations to share our values and goals doesn’t make America, as it seems to imply in this administration, suckers. It makes us more secure. Enables us to be more successful. We amplify our own strengths, extend our presence around the globe, magnify our impact while sharing the burden of leadership with our partners. No country, even one as powerful as ours, can go alone in the challenge of the 21st century. I respect no borders and cannot be contained by any walls. As president, I will do more than just restore the historic partnerships. I’ll lead an effort to reimagine them, to better meet the challenges we’re grappling with today in the next 20 or 30 years, to keep NATO military capability sharp, while also expanding our capacity to take on non-traditional threats like weaponized corruption, cyber theft, new challenges in space and on the high seas.”

But, again… building positive relationships with other nations is fully dependant on respecting their borders.

So um… just stop, Biden.

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