Democrats Officially Shun Alexandria Ocasio Cortez

Ashley (Kimber)

Alexandria Ocasio Cortez is an EXPERT at putting her foot in her mouth…

But it seems that this time, she legitimately went too far.

Democrats are turning their backs on the Socialist Princess in DROVES after she called Nancy Pelosi a racist, then backtracked and claimed Nancy was simply calling for AOC to receive death threats…or something similarly incomprehensible.

This is all happening, may I add, because Nancy thinks it’s stupid that AOC keeps attacking her own party, and threatening to primary incumbents. (It IS stupid, by the way.)

Things are getting JUICY, folks.

Those NERDS?! Is this real life?!

I’m DYING laughing. WHY is this so entertaining?!

Ok, so I’m NOT the only one.

But seriously folks, it looks like more and more Dems are taking Nancy’s side on this one…

Which will both be fun to watch because AOC is going to BLOW UP, and because her idiot followers are going to lose their minds.

Basically, they’re going to destroy each other… and I CANNOT wait.

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