Megan Rapinoe Actually Agrees With Conservatives When It Comes To ‘Equal Pay’

Ashley (Kimber)

Megan Rapinoe is an America-hating brat.

…Which is really too bad, because she is an excellent athlete, and as a fellow American, I’d love to root for her and my own TEAM.

She makes that abundantly hard.

But… is she smarter than she seems? Does Megan GET that this supposed “gender wage gap” isn’t a “Wage gap” at all?

Rachel Maddow asked her how fans can help make ‘Equal Pay’ a reality.

“Fans can come to games, obviously national team games will be hot ticket, but we have nine teams in the NWSL, you can go to your league games, you can support that way, you can buy players’ jerseys, you can lend your support that way, you can tell your friends about it, you can become season ticket holders.”

She’s exactly right here. It’s not that the people who run her team hate women… it’s that women’s’ sports simply don’t generate as much revenue… so there’s a much smaller pie to dole around.



ANYWAY, if you or someone you know still isn’t understanding why this whole “soccer gender pay gap” thing is a load of bs, check this out:

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