Ocasio Cortez Accuses Kellyanne Conway of ‘Sexism’ Towards Her

Ashley (Kimber)

ANYTHING Alexandria Ocasio Cortez doesn’t like is one of three things: 1) Climate Change 2) Racism, or 3) Sexism.

Basically, Kellyanne Conway said something AOC didn’t like. It clearly wasn’t climate change, so she had a choice to make:

DING DING DING! She went with number three!


But um… is she really calling Kellyanne Conway sexist towards other women? REALLY?

And AOC’s response is obnoxious enough to roll your eyes all the way backward:

Patriarchy has no gender?

That doesn’t even mean anything. That’s word salad. The very CONCEPT of PATRIARCHY is gendered, you insufferable clown.


Stop it.


So can you just stick to things you understand? (Oh…wait.)