Mother of Child Born With Down Syndrome Sues Hospital – She Would Have Had An Abortion

Ashley (Kimber)

A new mother is suing a hospital for the ‘wrongful birth’ of her child, claiming she would have aborted him if she knew he had Down Syndrome.

She alleges the hospital should have taken the proper steps to find this out before birth… and that she would have aborted had she known.

According to Fox News:

A mother of a 4-year-old son with special needs is suing a British hospital alleging they failed to test for the condition — otherwise she would’ve had an abortion.

Edyta Mordel, 33, of Reading, wants almost $250,000 in compensation for the cost of raising her son, Aleksander, who was diagnosed with Down syndrome in a case termed “wrongful birth,” according to The Mirror.

…wow. That’s downright evil.

Imagine looking into your new baby’s face and thinking “Wow. I would have aborted you if I had the chance.”

“Miss Mordel would have been offered an abortion and she and her partner, Aleksander’s father Lukasz Cieciura, agreed they would have terminated the pregnancy,” Mordel’s lawyer, Clodagh Bradley QC, told the High Court in London, the outlet reported.

Mordel, who is originally from Poland, said she was given the all-clear at 12 weeks into the pregnancy, believing the test had been carried out.

“I was reassured so many times everything was alright, that the pregnancy was fine,” Mordel said, according to the Daily Mail.

Representatives for the hospital, however, say she actually DECLINED a Down Syndrome screening.

But lawyers for the NHS showed that the sonographer recorded “Down’s screening declined” in her medical notes.

And when she gave birth via C-section at the Royal Berkshire Hospital in January 2015, her medical notes recorded Mordel was “very upset and angry” when Aleksander was diagnosed with Down syndrome.

Lawyer Michael de Navarro QC, for the NHS hospital trust, explained that it was relatively common for expectant mothers to decline screenings when they learned the test carried a 2 percent miscarriage risk.

While Mordel insisted she always wanted the screening, NHS guidelines classify asking about the screening at a later appointment, once declined, as “harassment.”

I get that. If a mother has made an important and personal decision not to screen, you don’t want to keep questioning her. You respect her decision.

Anyway – I think this is absolutely sickening…and I pray that baby will be loved as he deserves to be.

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