LGBT Magazine Tries To Shame Americans For Being Glad Kelley O’Hara Rescued Our Flag Off the Ground

Ashley (Kimber)

As many of you may know, soccer player Kelly O’Hara became a bit of an overnight legend when she rescued the stars and stripes off the ground.

As her teammates tossed our flag on the ground, making absolute fools of themselves, Kelley quickly picked it up:

She loves our flag, she loves our country, and she makes no secret of it:

I mean… what’s NOT to love about this girl?


Enter ‘Queerty’ …some super progressive LGBT rag, who decided to “spoil” the fun:



I would venture to say the VAST majority of us don’t really care. She loves our country. WHO she loves doesn’t change that, and it certainly doesn’t change my opinion of her.

In fact, they don’t even come up with ANY examples of ANY of us caring:

Republican pundits eager to praise Women’s World Cup soccer star Kelley O’Hara received a rude awakening when cameras caught her smooching her girlfriend in the stands.

Following the big win by the American team at the World Cup Finals, O’Hara received praise for picking up an American flag which had accidentally fallen to the field. Fox News’ Walid Phares called O’Hara a “new American heroine.” The network even ran a story on O’Hara’s teammates Megan Rapinoe and Allie Long dropping and accidentally stepping on the flag. Rapinoe, in particular, has hotly criticized Donald Trump’s anti-LGBTQ policies.

As the far right singled out O’Hara for praise, few pundits noticed that after picking up the flag, she rushed across the field to her girlfriend and locked lips. That makes her the 42nd identifiable LGBTQ player in the Women’s World Cup.

The US team has earned as much attention for its wins in recent days as for its harsh criticism of the Trump Administration. Rapinoe rejected an invitation by Trump to visit the White House, as a have several other players. No doubt the folks over at Fox had hoped O’Hara might break rank with her teammates, though if we had to place bets, we think she’ll skip out too.


That’s the WHOLE article.

I’d ALSO venture to bet they weren’t expecting this response:



I literally don’t care who she loves, what she does, even who she VOTES for – I care that she LOVES and respects America.

So know this, Kelley. If YOU stand by our nation…WE stand by you!

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