Democrats Use Photo From Obama Admin To Call For Investigation Into Border Camps

Ashley (Kimber)

They really can’t help themselves, can they?

House Democrats tweeted a photo of the “inhumane” conditions at the border, calling for an investigation into the Trump administration’s “grotesque treatment of children.”

The only problem is… the picture they included was actually taken DURING THE OBAMA ADMINISTRATION

According to Daily Caller:

The picture included in the tweet of children in cages was from the Obama administration, according to President Donald Trump’s 2020 presidential campaign. The photo was quickly deleted.

Trump War Room, an account managed by the Trump 2020 presidential campaign, included a second tweet which showed the specific portion of the photo included in the House Democrats‘ tweet.

After deleting the tweet, the Oversight Committee put up a second tweet with a different photo. This one was also from the Obama administration, according to Republican House Oversight Committee and the Associated Press. This tweet was also deleted.

How hard is it for these morons to get it together?

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