President Trump Slams Fox News

Ashley (Kimber)

I like Fox News.

Sure, I don’t agree with everything ever aired… but that’s fine. I don’t need to. Unlike the rest of the propaganda channels at this point, I think Fox News presents a number of different viewpoints.

It’s a refreshing change from the AL-LEFT-ALL-THE-TIME media. That being said, I don’t WANT Fox News to be ALL-RIGHT-ALL-THE-TIME. I think bringing in different perspectives makes the network stronger.

That being said, I take issue with Trump-bashing for the sake of Trump bashing.

President Trump, however, worries the traditionally conservative network is going too far to the Left.

Yikes. Ok – that’s a lot to unpack right there.

He may have a point… but I also think Fox News’ coverage of him and his presidency has been NIGHT AND DAY compared to the other networks.

Fox News may want to remember who got them to the top… but President Trump may want to remember what Fox News has done for him, too.