Ocasio Cortez Takes Trump’s Comparison to a Nazi Sympathizer as a Compliment

Ashley (Kimber)

Alexandria Ocasio Cortez is a truly ignorant person.

Even worse – she clearly has no concept of how little she knows. She runs her mouth CONSTANTLY – with no reservation as to what she may or may not know.

While she may think social media is a skill of hers – Twitter is truly her worst enemy. I mean, not a day does by that she doesn’t legitimately embarrass herself. You know… if she knew shame. She doesn’t. She’s entirely shameless. Any and all of her failings are someone else’s fault. She doesn’t understand the concept of accountability.

Anyway- all that is to say that she’s really stepped in it. AGAIN.

According to Daily Wire:

President Donald Trump compared socialist Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) to former Argentine first lady Eva Perón — often called “Evita” — in a new book that is set to go on sale in mid-July. Ocasio-Cortez took the comparison as a compliment, despite the fact that Evita was a Nazi sympathizer who helped her husband, Argentine President Juan Perón, destroy Argentina’s economy by implementing socialism and eroded civil liberties in the nation.

“Evita? You mean that chick that sang Don’t Cry for me Argentina?” – Probably AOC

AOC thinks that’s AWESOME!

Um, sweetheart… no.

According to the Telegraph, both Eva Perón and her husband were Nazi sympathizers:

The Politically Incorrect Guide to Latin America’ aims to highlight a series of little known controversies about leading leftist figures in the history of the continent…

…Mr Peron helped many Nazis fleeing Europe after the Second World War to find a safe haven in Argentina, including Adolf Eichmann and Josef Mengele.

According to the new book: “It is still suspected that among her [Eva Peron’s] possessions, there were pieces of Nazi treasure, that came from rich Jewish families killed in concentration camps.”

It’s worth noting that Ocasio-Cortez’s comments come after she has engaged in weeks of Holocaust trivialization by falsely comparing immigrant detention facilities to concentration camps. Liberal Harvard Law School professor Alan Dershowitz said that Ocasio-Cortez’s repeated false comparison makes her a “Holocaust denier,” which is a form of anti-Semitism.

The Foundation for Economic Education (FEE) noted that Eva Perón “demagogued her way to a cult following among those who depended on the favors she dispensed and stepped on anyone who stood in her way. A law which obstructed her ambitions was, in her view, a law to be bent or broken. Any fair assessment of her must note that she delivered numerous vapid harangues and gave away lots of other people’s money, but she never invented, created or built anything.”

So… basically, the comparison is PERFECT.

Two good-for-nothings taking people’s money, pretending to be something they’re clearly not.

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