Melania’s Hometown of Sevnika, Slovenia Unveils A Statue Dedicated To Her Likeness And Honor

Rachel S

As of yesterday, Melania Trump became the first First Lady with a life-size statue dedicated to her likeness and her honor. Her hometown of Sevnika, Slovenia unveiled the piece, designed by Brad Downey and crafted by Ales Zupevc, and it is. . . special.

I am. I am beyond delighted by this.

It’s hard to have an opinion, given that it’s unclear whether the statue is a genuine display of heartfelt pride and respect for the FLOTUS or a “slapstick prank” from the art world. While I really, really want this to be a Slovenian version of that labor of love completed with so much pride that is just a deeply disturbing echo of the adoration with which it was intended, I also have mad respect for jokes that are so nuanced you can’t even be sure it was a joke.

But either way, this exists now, and we should be grateful for it.

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