Video: Gold Star Mother Gives Entitled Colin Kaepernick A Dose Of Reality

Ashley (Kimber)

“Stand for something, even if it means sacrificing everything.”

Nike had the gall to put that over an entitled, mediocre, millionaire athlete’s face.

Amanda Jacobs, a gold star mother, just made it clear how absolutely absurd that is:

“When I look at this country today and I tell people, and I’ve wanted to say this loud so many times, Colin Kaepernick was getting paid $14 million dollars a year to throw a ball,” Jacobs said. “My son died for $14,000 a year and he’s given more than any football player, any athlete, has ever given.”

Yes. THIS is what it means to SACRIFICE EVERYTHING.

“These two children right here you can look at a flag and say that’s uncle Jacob,” she continued. “That’s what we are here for today, not because I wanted to be a gold star mom. I got gold stars in school for making grades but this gold star I wear every day isn’t for me, it’s because what my son chose to do without my permission, trust me, and I have a 17 year old that is doing the same thing and it’s because of what they believed.”

“And I hear these Marines that come to my house and stay for four days, you know, I got 30 Marines that sleep on my floor and it’s great but they tell us that the only thing that kept them going is when they could look up and see that flag they had hope to go back home to and I hope that this country was going to change for the better, not for the worst.”

Yes – I’m crying.

I hope Kaepernick sees this – and I hope he’s man enough to actually listen.

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