Portland Police Chief Calls For New Laws After Horrific Antifa Attacks

Ashley (Kimber)

After the horrific Antifa violence that broke out last weekend in Portland, the city’s Police Chief is calling for a new law against wearing masks during protests.

According to Daily Wire:

On Wednesday, in the wake of the violence that erupted in Portland last Saturday in which journalist Andy Ngo was assaulted by masked members of the far-left group Antifa, Police Chief Danielle Outlaw called for anti-mask laws, asserting, “We cannot allow people to continue to use the guise of free speech to commit a crime. A lot of people are emboldened because they know they can’t be identified.’’

Ok, I know this is serious, but I just can’t keep this to myself: how rad is Chief Outlaw’s name?

Anyway, she’s entirely correct. Antifa scum are hiding behind masks to wreak havoc.

At a press conference, Outlaw “called for laws that would bar masks worn by demonstrators, allow police to fully videotape protests and give authorities greater control of protests by groups with a history of violence,” according to Oregon Live. She stated, “We have to do something differently … There were entities that planned a brawl in the city of Portland and no one seems to be upset about that. … Entities came here for a fight. … I don’t even know what they were protesting against.’’

Neither do we.

Honestly, at this point they’re just protesting America.

Of course, there are already those who are pushing against this:

Sarah Armstrong, a spokeswoman for The American Civil Liberties of Oregon, protested the implementation of an anti-mask law, saying, “A policy that prohibits wearing a mask to a protest will have police focusing on the wrong issue. Behavior is the issue, not the mask. It could be argued that the mask is an important symbolic part of a protester’s message … There are many legitimate reasons people wear ‘masks,’ including political and religious reasons.”

Right. And like beating the CRAP out of someone without being identified.

Portland City Commissioner Amanda Fritz’s chief of staff, Tim Crail, stated of a prospective anti-mask law, “We looked into it previously and the constitutional free speech issues are difficult to overcome, at least in Oregon,” adding Fritz is “open to a conversation about the advantages and difficulties created with a mask ordinance, but cannot say at this point whether she would support a ban on masks for protests.”

So yeah, Antifa can keep wearing their little masks.

For now.

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