Democrat Tells His Party to ‘Take a F*cking Civics Class’! When It Comes To Betsy Ross Flag

Ashley (Kimber)

The majority of reasonable Americans are SHOCKED at what just happened to the Betsy Ross flag.

Overnight, a beautiful symbol of our Revolution is being compared to a Swastika.

We just don’t get it… So Rolling Stone tried to explain:

“But as many on social media pointed out, the American flag sewn by Betsy Ross is not a symbol of early American history that is totally devoid of meaning. It has been used by some extremist groups as a means of telegraphing a return to more traditionalist (re: predominantly white and male) American ideals. “Under the guise of ‘heritage,’ symbols of early U.S. history have long been adopted by hate groups set on returning to a time when all non-white people were viewed as subhuman and un-American,” says Keegan Hankes, research analyst for the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC). “Historically, these symbols have been used by white supremacists, both to hearken back to a time when black people were enslaved, while also painting themselves as the inheritors of the ‘true’ American tradition.”

While she has never heard of the Betsy Ross flag being used by white supremacists, Jalane Schmidt, an associate professor of religious studies at the University of Virginia, says she was not surprised to hear of it, referring to it as part of a larger effort to claim “‘white’ figures of U.S. history as building blocks of a narrative of a white ethno-state, as exclusively ‘their’ national narrative.” As another example, Schmidt cited how alt-right protesters at Charlottesville attacked UVA students who had locked arms around a Thomas Jefferson statue in a gesture of defiance, shouting cries to the effect of, “he’s ours.” 

So basically a couple of nutjobs decided they liked the flag… and now we have to get rid of it.

This is moronic.

And one VERY liberal Hollywood guy (he’s a writer-producer involved in films like “Thirtysomething,” “Traffic,” and “The Last Samurai”) has had ENOUGH of his own being such DUMBA$$ES.


As I mentioned, this man is NO conservative. A quick glance at his Twitter feed makes that abundantly clear… which makes this THAT much more important. AMERICANS – from every side of the aisle – must realize that this is simply WRONG.

As he so correctly said – TAKE A F*CKING CIVICS CLASS.

PS Happy Independence Day, Y’all. I will not let this HATE dampen my LOVE for AMERICA.

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