A WWII Veteran Is Walking Across America To Remind Everyone That Freedom Isn’t Free

Ashley (Kimber)

I love this so much.

A WWII veteran (Yes – you read that right. He’s 95 years old!) is WALKING across America to remind us all that FREEDOM ISN’T FREE!


According to ABC 13 News:

A 95-year-old American hero is walking across the country for the second time!

Ernest Andrus, who was a Navy Corpsman in World War II is walking across America and plans to step foot in every U.S. state.

WTOC reported that he started in Saint Simons Island, Georgia on March 16.

Last time he did the cross-country walk, it took him two years.

This time, he said he’s covering 13 miles a week and that he would be 100 by the time he’s done, meaning he’s expecting it to take five years.

Andrus said he’ll keep going for as long as he has to and that he’s doing so with a clear purpose in mind.

“We should know that freedom is not free and what it takes to keep this country free. We were called on to do our part and generations before us all had to do their part and the future generations are probably going to have to do their part,” he said.

You can read more about him, or choose to support his cross-country journey here.

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