Verdict Is In. If A Democrat Wins The White House, America Ceases To Be America.

Mockarena, Co-Founder

And to think, we thought Wednesday night’s debate was a clown show.  That was like a tiny little appetizer of the MAIN clown show event, which took place last night, and which can be summed up as follows:

Every last one of those idiots raised his/her hand to indicate that yes, they would give free health care to people WHO ARE NOT SUPPOSED TO BE HERE.

But it’s worse than that.  They also said they wouldn’t DEPORT people who aren’t supposed to be here, unless they committed really terrible horrible crimes.  They are literally admitting out loud that we don’t have borders, you guys.  I mean, what’s the point of a legal process if there is no consequence (and in fact, only benefit) to coming here illegally?

These jackholes don’t get to wonder any longer why there’s a humanitarian crisis at the border.  They just sent out engraved invitations to every single person in the universe who’s ever wanted to come here to just come on over.  No need to follow a process, no need to have documentation, no regard for American citizens.

Democrats proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that THEY DO NOT CARE ABOUT AMERICA.

And the worst part?  The sheep cheered.

Ari Fleischer had a good summary of the Democrat agenda:

I’ll go through my grades in just a second, but in the meantime, check out the Drudge poll results as of this moment:

Keep in mind, Andrew Yang spoke for a total of less than 3 minutes.  That’s it. And yet, he tops the Drudge poll.  WTF.

Ok – so let’s go through the candidates in order of the Drudge poll.

Andrew Yang – this is the guy who wants to give everyone a $1000 “Freedom Dividend” which will somehow magically cure all societal ills and prevent robots from taking jobs and fix the climate.  When he DOES have a chance to talk, he’s an interesting cat, but he’s not remotely presidential, and what most people will remember about him from this debate is the fact that he didn’t wear a tie. I can’t even give him a grade because he barely spoke.

Kamala Harris – she won. Hands down. There’s no question about it.  She BURIED Joe Biden on the bussing issue, which I can’t even believe is a thing in 2019.  But by golly, she MADE it a thing, she made it personal, and it was effective.  She’s gonna be one to watch, because she knows how to use her prosecutor skills to find someone’s biggest weakness, hone in on it, and watch them crumble.  She was also the mom in the room when she said admonished all the candidates to stop talking over each other saying (paraphrasing) that Americans didn’t want to watch a food fight – they wanted to know how they’ll put food on the table.  She was the most memorable, the most effective, and she delivered the strongest performance of the night.  I hate her, but I give her an A.

Marianne Williamson – what a complete freak this chick is.  She was out of her league, and she just sounded flaky. But she’ll appeal to the hippie Left who love talking about love, except when it comes to anyone they disagree with.  Her closing statement included this line, “Mr President, if you’re listening, I want you to hear me please: You have harnessed fear for political purposes, and only love can cast that out. So I, sir, I have a feeling you know what you’re doing. I’m going to harness love for political purposes. I will meet you on that field, and sir, love will win.”  Mmkay.  D.

Mayor Pete – Mayor Pete’s strength is his calmness and communication style.  Even when he’s saying really batsh*t stuff, he’s got great composure. I don’t think he did anything particularly harmful to himself, although I’m surprised that more people aren’t reacting to the fact that he admitted he failed in South Bend when asked, “The police force is six percent black in a city that is 26 percent black. Why has that not improved over your two terms as mayor?”  Pete’s response was, “Because I couldn’t get it done.”  And yet, he’s still in this race.  People find that to be an acceptable answer to things now, I guess. Also – he plans to “restore democracy” which sounds like something but really means nothing and the sheep will eat it up with a spoon.  B-

Joe Biden – Look folks (as Joe would say), he’s toast.  Kamala owned him, and I don’t think he can recover from it. And considering the fact that he basically defended the NRA, which absolutely stunned me, he’ll have lost Democrats who are rabidly opposed to the NRA.  He was reeeeally pulling for that ever-elusive Obama endorsement, but he just didn’t have a good night at all.  His botox looked good though, so there was that. D-.

Bernie Sanders – I still can’t believe anyone takes this psychopath seriously, but I recognize that they do.  His finger wagging and Yooooman righting is annoying AF, but he avoided major mishaps by simply not being Joe Biden last night.  He was predictable, he admitted the middle class would face a tax hike with his medicare plan, and he didn’t have a moment that sunk him.  He also combed his hair, which I appreciated.  C+.

John Hickenlooper – the most tragically forgettable person ever.  Nothing about him stood out, nothing about him was interesting.  F.

Eric Swalwell – this is a guy who consistently likes himself way more than anyone else does.  Did you see how proud he was of his diaper line?  And his “Pass the torch” diatribe? He was SO PROUD, you guys.  Also – he will confiscate all your guns.  He may have gained a little more support tonight only he was more memorable than others, so…C+.

Michael Bennet – this is the guy who had prostate cancer like 45 minutes ago, and has no lips. I don’t recall a single solitary thing he said.  D.

Kirsten Gillibrand – what a stark contrast to Kamala. She was so desperate to be heard, and so interrupty, but when given a chance to speak, she sounded like a little girl trying hard to use big words to sound important.  Her focus was on the ASSAULT ON WOMEN, and she ended up just looking pushy and shrill.  But I guess, what do you expect from a “young mom” amirite?  D.

The moderators didn’t have good control over the candidates last night, and I cannot for the life of me understand why they don’t just start cutting mics when people go over their time.  But at least there was only one technical difficulty that I can recall, which is an improvement. And it was also an improvement that Mayor Pete was the only one who felt it necessary to show off his Spanish skills.

Also, how YELLED AT did you feel last night?  I felt like I was being scolded the entire night.

All of these people are terrible for America.  Without exception.  And it’s because none of them actually LIKES America.  If they did, they’d care about our sovereignty.  They do not. And that’s why Trump must win again.

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