You MUST MUST MUST Hear The Call We Got On Our Show Today. YOU MUST.

Mockarena, Co-Founder

We took calls today about the Democrat sh*tshow debate that happened last night.  Our callers are always so great, but today?  Dante stole the show.  I’m not even gonna try to set this up.  You just have to hear it for yourselves:

I mean, if his joyfulness and excitement didn’t put a smile on your face, then seriously WTF is wrong with you. Dante was a DELIGHT.


Shortly after that call, we got this email from Kathy:

Dear Daisy and Whore Shorts (just kidding),

I heard the black gentleman’s call earlier and I loved his story about walking away from the Democratic party. I am a middle-aged (54) gay woman who “walked away” about 4 years ago. The democratic party has totally gone off the rails with regards to immigration, border security, reparations, gun control, police bashing, etc. Listening to some of the candidates last night speaking Spanish was the ultimate in pandering. Granted, I could only stomach listening to them for about 15 minutes total. Most of them sound totally unhinged.

I do think that we could do better with some things, such as the cost of college and healthcare, but just to say everything is going to be “free” is delusional. The open borders philosophy is also delusional and dangerous. The obvious pandering for black, Latino, gay, and illegal immigrant votes is sickening. They can blow it out their you-know-whats. I’ve never felt more freedom than the day I woke up and walked away from the Democratic party.

I love your show and listen daily…keep up the great work!!

Walked Away,



If you were feeling frustrated after watching that clown show last night, and you were feeling like maybe all hope is lost because there are Actual People who buy what the Democrats are selling, just listen to Dante and read the message from Kathy. That’s just two people, who happened to be listening to our show at the same time, and I have to believe that they are representative of SO MANY OTHERS like them.


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