Our Review Of The First Democrat Debate (AKA “Sh*t Show Number One!”)

Daisy, Co-Founder

Did y’all watch last night?  It was a total sh*t show of epic proportions, and we both stayed up to watch it.  We’re sleep-deprived and about three coffees in for our video today.

A few takeaways:  Democrats want to decriminalize illegal immigration, give us socialized medicine, enforce “reproductive justice” (WTF IS THAT?), demonize pharma (OMG THEY’RE THE DEEEEVIL!), and they claim that weather is the scaaaaariest threat to national security.  Also, if you speak spanish, you should feel pretty insulted, because HOLY PANDERING.

Oh yeah – and FREE CRAP FOR ERRRRRRRYONE!  Because Democrats.

Happy Thursday, everyone!