Mueller To Testify, NRA Cuts Ties With Dana Loesch, Joe Biden Is A Diva – THERE IS SO MUCH NEWS YOU GUYS.

Mockarena, Co-Founder

Holy crap where do I even begin this morning????

First of all, if you haven’t heard, Robert Mueller has agreed to testify to the House Intelligence Committee on July 17th. That promises to be an epic fail for Democrats, if you ask me, since he already said in his exit press conference that if he were subpoenaed, he’d not offer a single solitary piece of new info and that he’d refer everyone back to his Report.

But Democrats love wasting time and money and not doing F*CK ALL about Actual Problems in this country, so this shouldn’t surprise anyone.

Also, Joe Biden is apparently a way bigger diva than we thought. Remember, this is Joe – the guy who touts himself as a man of the middle class, a dude who always looks out for the little guy, the man who wants to focus on working America.  That guy.  Meanwhile, he is apparently “contractually obligated to receive angel hair pomodoro” at every single paid speech.  Speeches, by the way, that he gets paid 200k to deliver.  That’s PER SPEECH.

Joe.  He’s just like us!

And you guys – there is MAJOR TURMOIL at the NRA.  Liberals are peeing themselves with joy about this. And I wish I could tell you who was at fault, and who was right and who was wrong. But there is leadership chaos, and as of yesterday, NRATV production has been shut down.  This effectively severs ties between the NRA and Dana Loesch, too. And you can only imagine Leftist Twitter when it comes to that news.  They are full on rejoicing. It’s possible the NRA could hire her back, since her employment was actually through Ackerman McQueen, the advertising company the NRA partnered with. We’ll see.

ALSO – CLINT EASTWOOD IS FILMING HIS NEXT MOVIE IN ATLANTA, you guys.  How great is that?  Suck it, boycotters!

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