NBA Officially Nixes Term Team ‘Owner,’ Reveals New Replacement Term

Ashley (Kimber)

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As I mentioned a while back, the NBA has been considering getting the rid of the term “Team Owner”…because it’s offensive to black players.


It reminds them of slavery. Or something.

According to Newsweek:

The National Basketball Association is dominated by African American players and predominantly controlled by white, male owners. Now, some NBA franchises have considered dropping the term “owner” from their day-to-day vernacular, calling it “insensitive.”

TMZ reported Monday that multiple teams could join the Philadelphia 76ers and Los Angeles Clippers in softening the tone of the person’s title who controls the business franchise.

“We’re told the conversations essentially center around the idea that the term, owner — in a league where the majority of the players are black — feels racially insensitive,” the TMZ report stated.

If you’re a SHOP OWNER you don’t own the shop employees, you own the shop.

If you’re RESTAURANT OWNER you don’t own the waiters and cooks, you own the restaurant.

A team owner clearly doesn’t own the PLAYERS – he owns the team. How is this hard?

SHOCKINGLY  a team owner does not “own” the black millionaires who are free to quit the team as they wish.  He owns the team. This isn’t rocket science, and anyone who feels offended that someone who owns something is called an “owner” needs serious help – not a change in terminology.

The term “owner” refers to the person who owns controlling interest (more than 50 percent) of the franchise, or the majority shareholder.

The conversation has been fueled by Golden State Warriors star Draymond Green, who first talked about the issue in 2017, and then brought it back to light on LeBron James’ show The Shop in late 2018.

“You shouldn’t say owner,” said Green, who suggested teams use terms like CEO or majority shareholder, instead of owner. He continued his The Shop appearance by saying, “When you think of a basketball team, nobody thinks of the f—in’ Golden State Warriors and think of that damn bridge. They think of the players that make that team… you don’t even know what the f— [the bridge] is called.”

A year before that rant, Green said the term owner dates back to days of slavery, when, most often, aristocratic white men owned black slaves.

Draymond Green will make $17,469,565 in guaranteed salary for the 2018-19 season, and that bumps to $18,539,130 next year.

This doesn’t count any endorsement deals he might get for being an NBA star.

He’s free to leave the NBA at any moment.

But anyway – the NBA totally agrees. It’s just so offensive that a person who owns the majority of shares for a team be called an owner. Absolutely devastating.

They’re changing the term.

According to Fox News:

Adam Silver, the NBA commissioner, said in an interview published Monday that the league has moved away from the term “owner” and said they are now referred to as governors.

Governors! Phew! That fixes everything!

Silver was stopped in New York by TMZ and said he is “sensitive” to the term owner.

TMZ reported earlier that few NBA teams have dropped the term because of its racial component and since most of the players in the league are black.

I could not roll my eyes any harder at this.

I am entirely convinced people are just looking for things to be offended by.




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