Video Flashback: Biden Bragged About Being from a ‘Slave State’

Ashley (Kimber)

WATCH: Joe Biden promising to cure cancer if elected president

It’s kind of interesting that Joe Freaking Biden is the best chance the Dems have.


Well… for one, he’s an old, straight, white man. Which is everything they hate. But it’s not just that, of course. Joe Biden is, in many ways, what Democrats THINK they hate about straight old white men.

EXAMPLE: he used to brag about being from a “slave state” to get Southern votes.

I mean… what the hell, dude?

Yup. He’s from a “slave state” and DANG PROUD OF IT!

Of course, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with being proud of your Southern roots. But “Slave State?” REEEEALLY?

According to Conservative Tribune:

Biden’s latest embarrassing flashback moment making the rounds on the internet (there have been plenty, and they’ll be plenty more) stems from a 2006 interview when Chris Wallace of “Fox News Sunday” asked the then-Delaware senator and potential 2008 presidential contender how he might fare in Democratic primary races in the South.

“What kind of a chance would a Northeastern liberal like Joe Biden stand in the South if you were running in Democratic primaries against Southerners like Mark Warner and John Edwards?” Wallace asked.

“You don’t know my state,” Biden said. “My state was a slave state, my state is a border state, my state has the eighth-largest black population in the country, my state is anything from a Northeast liberal state.”

Um… interesting choice of words there, Joe.

What are you getting at, exactly?

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