This Is How Biden’s Presidential Run Ends…Not With A Bang, But, Well….Raaaaaaaaaaaacism.

Daisy, Co-Founder

Well, it’s gonna be over for Biden, y’all.  But I have to say – I honestly didn’t think it was going to be because of raaaaaaaaaaaaaaacism.  I thought it would’ve been because he was a chronic flip-flopper who stands for NOTHING (and will fall for anything), he plagiarized his way through law school and life, he ripped off his campaign slogan from Avenatti, he can’t stop sniffing the hair of young girls and touching women that aren’t his wife, and he asks dudes in wheelchairs to stand up.  The guy is a GAFFE MACHINE.  But I honestly didn’t think being a racist would be the thing to take him down.

Leave it to the Democrat party to eat their own.  I mean, REALLY eat their own.  It’s peak 2019, alright.  And while I don’t feel one bit sorry for him, I would like to ask him, “how does it FEEL, Joe?”

Good Lord, this party has issues.