Reason #435,236,127,389,424 Why People Suck.

Mockarena, Co-Founder

This story hits close to (future) home.

So, perhaps you know that someday, my husband and I plan to retire just outside of Beaufort, SC, where we purchased property a couple years ago.  Beaufort and the surrounding area(s) is completely charming, including St. Helena Island, on which the historical ruins of a church remain.  And not just any church, mind you, but one of the country’s oldest churches – the Old Sheldon Church, built in 1745.

It’s a super picturesque spot, and people have visited the ruins from all over the place.  Some folks have even gotten married there, or have had engagement/wedding photos taken there.  We see it every time we visit.

While Old Sheldon Church is private property and is cared for and maintained by Parish Church of St. Helena, it has always been open and accessible to the public.

Until now.

Unfortunately, because we live among uncivilized pieces of garbage in the form of human beings, a new fence and gate surrounds the ruins, and access has to be granted by a member of the Church.  The reason?  Because those uncivilized pieces of garbage I just referred to are people who’ve vandalized the church, stolen bricks from it to SELL ONLINE, stuck gum on it, carved letters into it, and desecrated the gravestones that remain.  But it gets worse.  Because we live in the Age Of Skanks, some chick decided to take a topless photo in the archway, presumably to add to her “influencer” collection on Instagram.

A couple of years ago, someone stole iron crosses marking the three Confederate graves at the site.


The new fencing is aluminum, but made to look kinda like wrought iron, and I’ll be honest, it sucks.  You can see photos at the sourcelink.  I mean, I appreciate the effort that they made to make it look as good as possible, but obviously it’d be a lot better if we simply didn’t have to deal with garbage humans, and could count on people to act less like rabid monsters when they visit a sacred place.

Here’s Bill Sammons, the caretaker of the ruins, talking about it:

It just breaks my heart that we live among such complete a$$holes, and that people can’t just be decent, normal, respectful humans.

But apparently they can’t.  And more and more, it seems like the number of decent, normal, respectful humans is majorly overshadowed by the a$$holes.


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