Ilhan Omar Doubles Down on Ridiculous Gun Stats, Gets Roasted on Twitter

Erin Evans

Earlier this week, Representative Ilhan Omar claimed that 500 people die every day from gun violence.

She immediately got called out for that absurd claim:

104 a day sounds a lot more reasonable.  It’s still far, far too many, but remember this includes all gun-related incidents, including suicide.

Oh.  So now that we’re just talking about gun homicides in the U.S., we’ve gone from 500 a day to 30 a day.  Still too many, but nowhere near 500.

Still, Omar doubled down:

Oh, we were using GLOBAL statistics.  How is that useful to addressing gun violence in the U.S.?

Twitter roasted her:


I like that take.  You can’t really use worldwide statistics to properly determine domestic policy.  It just doesn’t make sense.

Ouch.  Don’t hold your breath waiting for Omar to respond to that one.

Or that one.

Yup.  Gun rights are women’s rights.  The best way to help people (men and women) protect themselves is to allow themselves the tools to do so – not to take the tools away hoping the bad guys follow the law too.

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