2020 Presidential Candidate Vows To Abolish the Federal Government On Day 1, Then Resign

Rachel S

The Libertarian Party has never had a great showing in presidential elections, despite being the only third party consistently on the ballot in all 50 states. But this year is even more dismal than usual, to the point that the candidate promising to abolish the federal government on his first day in office is their strongest option yet.

In an interview with Judge Andrew Napolitano, Adam Kokesh explained his platform of decentralization: phasing out the federal government through “a bankruptcy process in a peaceful, orderly, responsible manner” and shifting that power to the states and sovereign nations. “America is too good for this government,” Kokesh explains. “It’s time for us to be united in freedom instead of government.”

His argument for localization has an appeal:

Instead we [libertarians] should be saying, ‘You can have as much government as you want! As long as it’s voluntary, as long as it’s local, as long as it’s based in a community and you’re not forcing on someone. If you want this out of government, and you want that, when government is localized, y’all can have it! Everybody gets what they want.

But does it have any viability? Well, that’s a long shot.

The former Marine also endorses the dissolution of the US Military:

There were a lot of founders of this country who were against the very idea of a standing army, and you know that a decentralized militia-based defense is more in line with the Founders’ vision. It’s more efficient, it’s more effective, and as they would say, the only legitimate defense of a free people is a well-armed population that refuses to be governed by anyone. Localizing the military to the states, getting it focused more on defensive rather than offensive and world policing-type forces, that’s gonna be the first step in the right direction.

Well, credit where credit is due, he certainly sees libertarian principles through to their logical extremes. And, to his credit, Kokesh doesn’t wear a boot on his head. In a race where a former reality TV star is running for reelection and Democratic candidates are racing to the socialist finish line, that might as well be the base criteria for the LP.