CNN Analyst Trashes Sarah Sanders’ Legacy, Mike Huckabee Makes Him Instantly REGRET IT

Erin Evans

Sarah Sanders is leaving her position as White House Press Secretary.  That means everyone in the media is sharing their opinion of her.  Ashley shared some of their responses yesterday.

CNN analyst and former Obama adviser David Axelrod shared his opinion on Sanders on “Anderson Cooper 360.”

“If you are the spokesperson for a habitual liar, it’s like being the fire marshall for a pyromaniac,” said Axelrod.  “You know, it’s not going to end well for you.”

Axelrod continued on to suggest that Sanders was a liar herself, claiming she chose her “fidelity to Trump” over that of the “truth” and that her “legacy” was built around “defending the indefensible.”

On Friday’s “The Story with Martha MacCallum,” former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee, Sarah Sander’s dad, responded to Axelrod’s comments:

“Well, the truth is: people that don’t like Donald Trump don’t like my daughter.  And it’s not that they don’t like her – because most of them don’t even know her – they just don’t like President Trump. […] I’m a little surprised that this came out of Axelrod.  He’s a better person than that.  He knows better.  And I’m really shocked and surprised that he would go there to that degree.

Such a gentlemanly response.  I like how Governor Huckabee simply calls Axelrod out for going low, instead of hitting back.

And he’s right: it’s not really about Sarah Sanders, it’s about President Trump. The media is going to say the same thing about whoever takes over the Press Secretary position.  They don’t like President Trump, so they aren’t going to like anyone who speaks on his behalf.

I hope whoever comes next has as strong a backbone as Sanders does.  I’ve loved watching her hold her own against an often hostile media for the past two years.  Whoever her successor ends up being definitely has a lot to live up to.