Seattle Yoga Teacher Introduces ‘Undoing Whiteness’ Class

Rachel S

Is it bad that, without having read a word of this article, I looked at the woman in the first photo and immediately thought, “Well, that checks out” ?

Either 45 seconds or 800 years later, I made it to the end of the article. I gotta be real, I did not get a whole lot from it. Probably because, aside from terms like “white-skin privilege,” “white-bodied people,”  and “racial-justice-minded,” there’s not much to get. It’s just. . . it’s just bonkers-full, y’all. It’s bonkers.

First of all, is yoga really the place to “undo whiteness?” Was yoga not appropriated from India and Buddhism? Isn’t it like, super white to use a tradition not rooted in white culture to address your whiteness?

Humpf opened Rainier Beach Yoga in 2014. She says the practice coupled with reflecting on white supremacy’s role in society helped her understand how racism manifests itself internally, including defensiveness, perfectionism and the “white savior complex.” It’s these attitudes, among others, the class seeks to neutralize.

So, I guess Humpf automatically equates whiteness with white supremacy. That seems like a bit of a stretch. I also fail to see how defensiveness and perfectionism are “white” issues, but hey, I also haven’t attended any of her classes, so it’s probably just my racial insensitivity showing. I won’t even get started on how much this class smacks of the very real “white savior complex.”

Look, I could spend all day going through this piece sentence by sentence to pick out utterly nonsensical words and inherently contradictory thinking. But none of us have time for that. We all want to see our families again. So I’ll leave you with the link to read for yourself; perhaps you can make a buzzword drinking game for it. Send me the rules if you do.