Joe Biden’s Son Just Got Married Weeks After Breaking Up With His Brother’s Widow.

Mockarena, Co-Founder

Wow. That’s a headline I never thought I’d write. But this is 2019, so yeah. Joe Biden’s son Hunter, who dated his brother Beau’s widow shortly after Beau passed away, and then recently broke up with his brother’s widow, just got married to a whole other person. You can see all sorts of pictures of her, if you’d like, at this sourcelink.

The new member of the Biden family is a South African activist named Melissa Cohen, and apparently this secret wedding took place nearly a month ago.

Cohen spends her time (or at least, she used to) traveling and supporting indigenous tribes in Africa and Indonesia. She lives in LA now, which is apparently where she met Hunter. Rumor has it that the whirlwind romance was so whirlwindy that the Biden family wasn’t at the wedding (if there even was a wedding).

TMZ broke the story originally, and said that Hunter and Melissa used an “instant marriage company” which I had no idea was a thing, but apparently is a thing.

Hunter and his brother’s widow, Hallie, dated for two years after Beau died in 2015. Hunter was married to Kathleen at the time, but they were leading separate lives, and their divorce was final in April of 2017. This past April, not even two full months ago, word spread that Hunter broke up with Hallie. And now, of course, he’s married to Melissa.

Keep in mind that Hunter has kids – three daughters even – who have now watched their father start dating their aunt, and watched him break up with their aunt, and get married to a whole other random person. They’ve also watched their mom accuse their dad of spending tons of money on drugs and prostitutes.

He sounds lovely, doesn’t he?

Meanwhile, Joe Biden is saying, OUT LOUD, that if he’s elected, he’s gonna cure cancer, so that’s neat.

This election cycle is gonna be awesome.