Does This D-Day Reunion Love Story Make You Sob Too Or Is It Just Me?

Mockarena, Co-Founder

Watch this, y’all. WATCH.

Long story short – American WWII soldier KT Robbins, who’s now NINETY SEVEN YEARS OLD, fell in love with a young French girl named Jeannine Ganaye (now 92), but after he returned to America, they lost touch, and went on to marry other people and have families. He always kept her photo though, and never forgot her.

After all this time, KT figured Jeannine had passed away, but after telling the story of his first love to some journalists who interviewed him recently for the D-Day festivities, those journalists decided to see if they could find Jeannine. And they did. And she was alive. And wanted to see her first love.

The video above is their reunion, and I CANNOT STOP BAWLING AT IT. I’m a complete sap when it comes to old people, especially when it comes to old people in uniform. And then throw in a reunion story on top of that? OMG I AM A MESS.

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