AOC ‘Runs Away’ From Opponent Rich Valdes During Puerto Rican Day Parade

Rachel S

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If there’s a surefire way of never being wrong, it’s to never say a word. This tactic is a new one in AOC’s arsenal, but one she employed enthusiastically at the National Puerto Rican Day Parade. Republican challenger Rich Valdez (of “All Out Crazy” fame), also in attendance at the parade, approached her with the intent of engaging her in a debate about socialism vs. capitalism. In response, AOC peaced out with nary a word.

Truthfully, Valdez would have to be (all out) crazy to have expected any other type of response from any Democratic activist and/or politician. Progressives have never been known for entering open and honest discussions with their opponents. In AOC’s defense, her spokesman Corbin Trent said, “She kept walking! The parade moved! It’s a procession! Give me a break.” Okay, assume that’s the case, who walks away from a conversation without a word in farewell?

Trent added, “Tell him [Valdez] to run for office and she’ll debate him.”

Sure you will, AOC. For someone so eager to point out the flaws in her Republican peers, she’s surprisingly quiet when one of them addresses her directly. Ah, but how do you defeat someone when you routinely engage with them and address them as humans, allowing them to speak their mind and share the reality of their beliefs? What Dems are trying to do to Republicans is basically what happened with sharks. Enough people said they were dangerous, and sharks never had the opportunity to say, “Well, actually, we don’t really want to attack people and only do it if we’re scared, confused, or desperate; but really we’re quite chill and just want to swim around and eat our fishes,” and now everyone is afraid of sharks.

Except instead of being incapable of speech, conservative thought is simply being shut down and silenced. (Shadowbanning is for real, folks.)

But Valdez isn’t here to be pushed around. As AOC fled, he called after her, “OK, AOC, you can run, but you can’t hide!” She certainly can’t.