Now PINTEREST Is Being Accused of Anti-Conservative Bias

Erin Evans

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You’d think, of all the social media sites out there, Pinterest of all places would be relatively free of political bias.  After all, it’s mostly about finding recipes, decorating ideas, and funny Tumblr posts. At least, that’s what I use it for.

I’ve noticed a lot of left-leaning posts on Pinterest – mostly super feminist or pro-LGBT sentiments, many of which are screenshots from Twitter or Tumblr, which isn’t really surprising.  But I’d never realized the website actually censors conservative content.

Project Veritas has published documents from an insider at Pinterest, who explained how the company censors Christian and pro-life content.

The insider explained that websites on a “domain block list” cannot be linked in posts made by users. While investigating, Project Veritas tried to post the link on Pinterest and failed to do so, receiving an error message that read, “Sorry! Your request could not be completed.” Project Veritas reviewed the list of websites from the “porn domain block list” and was able to confirm that along with, websites like,,, and other various conservative websites were also listed. 

The domain block list is intended to block pornography.  Even though, a pro-life website, does not contain pornography, an employee from Pinterest’s Trust and Safety Team believes the should remain on the block list, though Pinterest claims it does not currently remove pro-life content.

In addition to blocking specific websites, Pinterest also keeps a “Sensitive Terms List.”  Terms on the list may not auto-complete in the search bar, may be blocked from trending feeds, and/or may result in an advisory message when searched for.  Terms such as “Christian Easter,” “Bible Verses,” and “Ben Shapiro Islam” appear on the Sensitive Terms List.

Pinterest has about 300 million active monthly users, and purports to be a place to visually search for and share ideas.  Now it appears to be just one more place where conservative ideas are being silenced.