Congressional Raises, Turtles, And Death In The Dominican…

Daisy, Co-Founder

We have very strong feelings about congressional raises, y’all. VERY STRONG. Let’s just say that when you don’t DO anything in your job and when the company that employs you is freaking broke? You shouldn’t GET A RAISE. Nor should you be asking for one.

These people are out of their freaking minds.

There’s a resort in the Maldives that’s hiring a turtle-sitter for two weeks – it’s an unpaid internship-sort-of-a-gig where you basically watch turtles in paradise, and get a free vacation out of the deal. If y’all are interested, I’m sure you can Google it and get your application in before the July deadline. Mock is a turtle-ist, so she’s completely grossed out by this. Me? If I were single? I’d be on this.

Also, people are dying in the Dominican, y’all. I’ve never been there and don’t ever plan to go. There’s apparently bleach in the drinks, and it’s crazy there right now. Of course, the Dominican government is saying that these are all “natural” deaths, but um….no. All I know is that there are lots of gorgeous beaches right here in these United States of America if I choose to vacation somewhere beachy with sand between my toes.

Happy Tuesday, everyone.