Two Former Republican Legislators Shot Dead Within Days of Each Other

Ashley (Kimber)

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Ok folks, this is really sad, and strangely unsettling.

Two former Republican state senators were shot and killed this past week.

The incidents were a seeming coincidence, and cannot be tied to one another in any way…

Regardless, the coincidence is just too weird not to note.

According to Daily Wire:

CNN reported the tragedies occurred in Arkansas and Oklahoma. Former Arkansas state Sen. Linda Collins-Smith’s death is being treated as “suspicious” and investigated as a homicide. Former Oklahoma state Sen. Jonathan Nichols’ death is still being investigated by the criminal investigations division of the local police department.

The ‘suspicious’ circumstances of the cases surely don’t help with the strange uneasiness of it all, do they?

Collins-Smith was found in her home last Tuesday, killed by a gunshot wound. Collins-Smith was a Democrat before she switched to the Republican Party and was elected to the state senate in 2014. In 2018, she was primaried and lost. CNN affiliate KARK reported that Arkansas Gov. Asa Hutchinson – also a Republican – mourned the loss on TV and in an official statement.

On “KARK 4 Today” last Wednesday, Hutchinson brought up Collins-Smith during an interview originally about flooding from the Arkansas River.

“It’s an incredible loss of a human life who’s served the public and an office and that has continued to be engaged in public affairs but she’s also a family person and it’s just a great loss. So, we express our sympathies there and we’re awaiting more details in the state police investigation,” Hutchinson said.

Hours later, and hundreds of miles away, another community was shocked with similar news:

Police found Nichols’ body in his Norman, OK, home. Nichols had served in the Oklahoma state senate between 2000 and 2012. He left office due to term limits and started working at the University of Oklahoma in 2016 as the vice president of government relations. At the time of his death, he was a senior policy advisor to Oklahoma House Speaker Charles McCall. He was also married with two daughters.

CNN affiliate KFOR reported that police found Nichols after receiving a call about a gunshot. In a statement, the Norman Police Department said, “Investigators are currently working with the Oklahoma Medical Examiner’s Office to determine the exact cause and manner of death,” and that “The case remains under investigation by the NPD Criminal Investigations Division.”

Both tragic losses.

And again, while the similar circumstances behind their deaths do appear to be a tragic coincidence at this time, I can’t help but find it oddly unsettling.

Of course, any senseless loss of life will be unsettling, whether or not it involves an unfortunate coincidence.

Our prayers go out to their loved ones.