Justin Bieber Bizarrely Challenges Tom Cruise to a Fight

Ashley (Kimber)

This. Is. WEIRD.

As anyone who reads this site regularly knows, we just can’t help ourselves when it comes to a crazy celebrity story.

…and this is CRAZY for sure.

Justin Bieber, best known for insufferable pop music and equally insufferable outbursts, just challenged the tiny Scientology king to a fight.


Why do I find this ridiculously hilarious?

For the record, Justin Bieber is 25 and 5’9. Tom Cruise is 56 and 5’7… and I’d definitely put my money on Cruise.

According to Fox News:

On Sunday, Justin Bieber challenged Tom Cruise to a fight in “the octagon” and appeared to try and provoke the actor, saying if he doesn’t accept he’ll “never live it down.”

Really? I’m pretty sure he’d “never live it down” if he fought Justin Bieber…

The tweet went viral and MMA fighter Conor McGregor announced that his company would host the fight. McGregor also appeared to take a shot at Cruise and said the fight would only go on if he’s “man enough to accept this challenge.”

LOL! Where is this even coming from?

Does fighting Justin Bieber make you a man? Really?

The “Mission Impossible” star did not comment on the posts, but it appeared that many on social media believe Cruise would dispatch the “Baby” singer with ease. Odds Shark, a source for online handicapping, said, “We don’t like your odds, Justin.” Bobby Nash, an MMA fighter called out the singer, “You’re calling out a 56 year old man lol.”

One must also take into account that Justin Bieber regularly cries in public.

Go ahead and feel your feelings, man. But maybe you’re not the one to pretend to be a tough guy by calling someone over twice your age out. Ya know what I mean?