Jesse Watters Compares Michelle Obama and Melania Trump’s Royal Style

Ashley (Kimber)

I’ve got to admit, while I couldn’t give less of a squat about the Royal Family… I’ve been eagerly poring over photos that came out of the Trump family’s meeting with them last week.


The FASHION, honey.


Melania is my fashion icon. I mean WOW.

And while I think it’s pretty expected of us Chicks to be drooling over her, here’s one guy I didn’t expect to become a FLOTUS Fashionista Fan: Jesse Watters.

But here he is, swooning like the rest of us… and reminding us what our former FLOTUS wore in the same situation:

Ok- the first comparison might not have been totally fair. Michelle doesn’t control the wind.


Yeah. Melania is a goddess. The end.