Celebrity Fights, Cringe Candidates, and Robots Being Oppressed By The Patriarchy, Oh My!

Daisy, Co-Founder

In today’s video, we discuss Justin Bieber’s sudden need to fight Tom Cruise in a UFC-style fight, all octagon-style. And I gotta say, my money is on the old man, y’all. But your mileage may vary. We also discuss how completely cringeworthy two of the Democrat candidates were this past weekend in Iowa. Seriously – Swalwell and Gillibrand are still in this thing, and the lack of self-reflection there is astounding.

Apparently, the United Nations is busying itself with SUPER IMPORTANT things like how Alexa and Siri are being oppressed by the patriarchy. And in true, save-the-day United Nations form, they are ON IT, y’all. I’m so glad they exist. Really. I am.

Happy Monday, everyone!