Biden Tweets His Obama BFF Bracelet … The Internet Demolishes Him

Ashley (Kimber)

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It was national BFF day over the weekend.

I didn’t actually know that until Hannah (I can still bring her up, right? OH MY HEART) and her sis gave me a social media shout out. (Us being BFFs and all.)

I forgot to give any social media shout outs, which I suppose makes me awful. I don’t know.

You know who didn’t forget?

Democrat 2020 frontrunner Joe Biden. Yes – old man Joe. He posted this:

Uhhh. What the hell, Joe?

I know this was meant to be cute, but with Joe’s track record for kid creepiness… it just feels creepy to me.

I’m certainly not the only person who thinks this way:

Wanna know what’s REALLY sad?


That’s gotta sting a little.

Ok, but for real guys, this creeps me out. It just does.