The Two Most Cringe-y Things On The Political Internet Right Now.

Mockarena, Co-Founder

Ohhhhh yiiiiiiiiikes.

So, there’s very little that Kirsten Gillibrand does that ISN’T cringe-y, but you guys, LOOK.

And it gets worse:



And then, there was Eric Swalwell. The only thing missing from this clip is him saying, “Please clap” – but even though he didn’t say it, it’s written all over his face when he thinks he’s just delivered a Really Powerful Line. BEHOLD:

He looks like a plastic Ken doll, doesn’t he? And not even in a good way. Just the his-hair-won’t-move way. And the he-probably-doesn’t-have-actual-testicles way.

Anyway, we’re just a couple weeks away from the first Democrat debates and I AM SO HERE FOR IT.