Trump Jr’s Slam On Biden For His Moldiness Is Positively EPIC.

Mockarena, Co-Founder

If you’re subscribing to our YouTube channel (which you totally should be), then you may have heard us talking about #moldyjoe yesterday. If you missed it, you can catch up right here.

I’m calling Biden moldy because of his shapeshifting policies – he literally molds himself into whatever the crowd he’s in front of at any given moment wants. He has no Actual values or beliefs of his own – he just tosses out whatever is most politically expedient in the moment. It’s so politican-y, and predictable, and OPPOSITE of what Americans clearly said they wanted in the last election. We don’t want politicians. We want people who will get Actual Work done.

I’m also calling him moldy because he’s as stale as the stalest, moldiest bread ever. Dude has been running for President since 1988. Like – do you not get that people just aren’t that into you?

Anyway, I love love love what Trump Jr. tweeted about Biden’s recent moldiness on the Hyde Amendment.


#FloppyJoe is good too, but I still prefer #MoldyJoe. Then again, I’m not quite as influential as the son of the president, so…