Liberal MSNBC Hosts Surprisingly Shred Pelosi’s Call To ‘Jail’ Trump

Ashley (Kimber)

So THIS is pretty surprising.

Chris Matthews makes absolutely no secret of being a liberal Democrat to the bone. He’s a complete and total hack.

So you KNOW things are bad when Chris freaking MATTHEWS of all people calls Nancy Pelosi out.

And he did. In fact- he fully condemned Pelosi’s call to “lock up” President Trump.

According to Fox News:

Liberal MSNBC hosts Ari Melber and Chris Matthews both condemned House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s recent call to lock up President Trump on Thursday — comparing it to a rallying cry that Trump supporters have long used against Hillary Clinton.

Pelosi told senior Democrats that she would like to see Trump “in prison,” according to Politico. While MSNBC is typically in lockstep with Pelosi, Melber and Matthews didn’t agree with her reported comment.

Melber asked if the counter argument would become, “Is this the Democrats’ version of ‘lock her up?’” The MSNBC host then said “there was a judicial, legal, process,” which “did not result in an indictment, whether you like it or not,” obviously referring to the Mueller report.

“The next step would be, does Congress want to deal with it. If the speaker doesn’t want to go that route, she has every right to explain that,” Melber said. “But if she doesn’t want to go that route and then she is making prison-esque, jail-esque references does she risk… getting close to a ‘lock her up’ frame?”

Only when it comes to the “Lock her up” stuff…there was AT LEAST a crime people wanted to see Hillary accountable for.

What, exactly, does Pelosi want to see Trump prosecuted for?

Winning the 2016 election?

Later in the day, Matthews had similar thoughts during “Hardball,” comparing Pelosi’s comments to “stuff we used to see in Pakistan.”

“Now the Speaker of the House is saying [Trump] ought to be in prison,” Matthews said. “Imagine that you live in some rinky-dink country out in the world that has always looked up to ours. You know, some fourth-world country, doesn’t even have democracy. And here we have the leader of the opposition, saying the other guy ought to be in prison. This is the stuff we used to see in Pakistan in the old days. Defeat the guy, then hang him.”

Sad to think we’ve become such a repulsively corrupt society to where comparing the Left’s behavior to what happens in Pakistan isn’t even out of the question.