Hi! I’m Erin – New COTR Intern!

Erin Evans

Hello COTR Community!  I’m super stoked to be here, and so thankful to Mock and Daisy for this opportunity to be part of the team!

I grew up in a conservative Catholic family in the suburbs of St. Louis, got my bachelor’s degree from a small liberal arts school in Missouri, then headed to Oklahoma to attend law school (Boomer Sooner!).  Now I live in Denver, where I get to see and feel the effect of liberal policies every day. It’s quite a change from the Midwestern suburbs I was used to. Growing up, Fox News was a staple at our house and my family talked about the issues ALL the time.  We still do. Eventually I realized this wasn’t the norm – apparently, politics isn’t every family’s idea of great dinner conversation. Who knew?

I was in college during the 2008 election.  After Obama won, one of my roommates expressed surprise that I, as a conservative, would watch his acceptance speech.  At the time, I was dumbfounded – no, I hadn’t voted for him, but as an American he was still my president so I wanted to see what he had to say.  Little did I know, her attitude – the mentality that you should shut out views you don’t agree with – would become more and more common.

Despite higher education’s best efforts, I held on to my conservative values all the way through college and law school.  It hasn’t always been easy – it was disheartening to see so many of my female classmates proudly taking selfies in pantsuits as they voted for Hillary Clinton in 2016, and to see law professors I respected sign a letter against the confirmation of Brett Kavanaugh last year based on a lack of “judicial temperament.”  But I knew my values, and I always had my family and my faith to fall back on.

These days, I’m totally discouraged by the inability to engage in civilized discourse across the aisle.  I’ve always been open about my political views, but in today’s polarized political climate, I think it’s more important than ever for conservatives, especially young, educated conservatives, to make our voices heard.  Politics should not be something we keep quiet about, or only discuss from the safety of our keyboards on social media. I really think that if everyone was willing to listen to each other and actually discuss the important issues, Chicks-style, the country just might be a little bit better place.

I’ve always wanted to write about politics.  Recently, I’ve felt more compelled than ever to start speaking out.  I can’t just sit back and watch as the left tries to take our guns, normalize abortion, erase God, and involve the government in every aspect of life.  That’s not the American way. It’s certainly not what the Founding Fathers envisioned for this great country. The crazier the left gets, the more I want to push back.  So when I saw the Chicks’ post that they were looking for an intern it just seemed like fate! I’m so excited for this incredible opportunity and I can’t wait to start discussing with you all.