‘These Kids Are The Next Generation Of Drag Queens.’

Mockarena, Co-Founder

And they say that like it’s a good thing. Check this out.

Now, perhaps in the full documentary, you’ll see stuff about the parents of these kids, but they’re completely absent from this teaser.

These kids are, whether they or their families want to admit it or not, being sexualized at an entirely inappropriate age, and it’s just gross on every level.

If you want to be a grown adult and do drag, have at it. Feel free to go completely RuPaul on our collective assular areas. But if you’re a parent encouraging kids to do this because it’s “who they are” then you are a seriously f*cked up parent, because this is NOT who kids are. They are simply MIMICKING adults who do drag, and the fact that they even know what drag is at such a young age is YOUR PERSONAL FAULT AS A PARENT.

Yes. I’m judging.

But naturally, there are weirdos all over the internet who are celebrating this as if it’s completely fine that young boys are gyrating around with full make-up and stripper heels, and any outrage about it is simply due to “intolerance” or something.