President Trump Is Getting Better Press In The UK Than He Is In His Own Country

Ashley (Kimber)


It’s pretty sad when the FOREIGN press treats our President with more respect than our OWN press does, isn’t it?

That’s exactly what’s happening amid President Trump’s trip to the UK.

Joe Concha, media reporter for The Hill, was on Fox & Friends to compare and contrast how the American and British press are covering President Trump’s visit to the UK:

Concha made it clear that while the British press highlighted a very positive view of Trump’s visit, the American press seemed hung up on protests (which were actually only about a third of what they were on Trump’s last visit) and that insufferable Trump baby balloon.

“All we’re seeing, basically, is this Trump Baby Blimp,” he sais. “Which is getting more coverage than the O.J. Bronco. I see this thing constantly. … It’s typical of what we’ve seen with Trump. If it’s negative, that’s the way we’re gonna go.”

Concha mentioned that Trump has gotten along well with Prime Minister Theresa May, has charmed Queen Elizabeth, and has come off as a “strong leader” and “competent” in his public appearances during the visit – all things the American press have done their best to hide.

It’s all so incredibly frustrating. The Left pretends to be concerned that other nations may not find our Leader ‘adequate’ or ‘presidential’ …and then go out of their ways to make him look as bad as possible.

It’s so wildly disingenuous.