Self Tanner Is Racist.

Mockarena, Co-Founder

A clever and competent reader sent us this hilarious thread from the IG account of a chick named Bekah Martinez, who apparently was on The Bachelor and who also has an inexplicably huge number of IG followers. I’ll just let the nonsense speak for itself.

If you can’t read that very well, the caption of the photo reads: “Good morning to everyone except me because I made the mistake of putting self-tanner on my feet. Enjoy.”

First of all, if you’re a person who’s obsessed enough with Bekah Martinez that you would have even NOTICED that there was self-tanner on her feet, please get psychological help. Quickly.

One of the replies, from some obviously super woke person, said, “I don’t understand how self tanner is ok, we look down upon black face other darkening skin products. Isn’t tanning your self the same concept? Darkening your skin for whatever reason makes me cringe. Whether it is for summer too look you have gotten Vitamin D or to imitate another ethnicity, or make yourself look like another ethnicity, I don’t know but I am surprised that you practice self tanning, whats_ur_sign, I thought you were more intellectual guess I was wrong.”


So this idiot Actually Believes that the process of making yourself look like you have a tan is the same as black face.

And the worst part? The Bachelor chick Actually Entertained this idea as something worth thoughtful consideration. Her response was as follows:

“I understand where you’re coming from and I need to think about this…I’m Mexican and I get tan in the summer – the sun hasn’t been out in LA so I’ve been using self-tanner to imitate my normal tan.”

WTF? Why is she offering up excuses for something that is ENTIRELY OK? If she weren’t Mexican would that make self-tanner more objectionable? If she didn’t normally tan would that make self-tanner objectionable? Should white people start avoiding the sun entirely in case our temporary increase in melanin triggers woke liberals?

I cannot believe that I’m even asking those questions out loud, but this is the level of dumb progressives have taken us to.

Summer is my most favorite time of the year, and I LOVE THE SUN, even though I know it’s terrible for my skin. I don’t know of a white person who doesn’t look better with a little bit of of a tan. And I will never apologize for liking the way tanned skin looks. I don’t use self-tanner, but it’s not because I have anything against it – it’s because I’m absolutely positive I’d screw up the application somehow and end up looking like a blotchy mess.

The fact that I like being tan doesn’t mean I’m trying to look like someone of another ethnicity. It means I’m trying to look like a less pasty, less near-death version of myself.

That this requires explanation and justification is LUNACY.

It’s a gorgeous day in Indianapolis, and Imma lay out this afternoon. At this point, I’m not even gonna do it to get color. I’m just wanna trigger a Lefty.