Lena Dunham Returns From Obscurity to Post Nudes In the Name of ‘Positivity’

Ashley (Kimber)

We haven’t heard much from America’s most obnoxious “feminist” lately.

I liked it that way.

But Lena has TRIUMPHANTLY returned with pictures of her naked body, because “positivity”. (Translation: no one is paying attention to her.)

According to Daily Wire:

People Magazine reports that Dunham has been on a campaign to encourage “body positivity” and good thoughts about loving yourself at your current weight — an issue Dunham says she’s struggled with.

Last week, she was in France helping to promote Quentin Tarantino’s new film, “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood,” about the Charles Manson murders (Dunham appears in a cameo in the trailer as one of Manson’s acolytes, though she’s hinted that her part may be larger). On her way home, she apparently made a stopoff in Wales, in the U.K., and that’s where she posted her naked magnum opus.

Now either avert your eyes or don’t. But don’t say I didn’t warn you.

I love myself because I don’t need to post nude pictures to feel loved, worthy, or validated.


On Instagram, the same post appears with the caption, “Any negativity that comes your way is just an excuse to love yourself even more, right? Comment below with a reason you love yourself. I’ll go first: I’m a sober accountable adult who still loves to get naked. Okay, GO! For every comment in the next week, I’ll be donating a dollar to @FriendlyHouseLA, a residential program for women recovering from substance and alcohol addiction. So guys, be liberal with your self-praise…”

Peggy Albrecht Friendly House is a charity that specifically supports women who are in recovery from alcohol and drug abuse. Dunham has spoken at length about her efforts to wean herself off benzodiazepines — medications like Klonopin which are prescribed to treat severe anxiety and mood disorders — which she says she abused for more than three years. Dunham is nearly a year sober, according to an interview she did last fall.

You know what? That’s a great cause. So here’s my contribution:

I’m glad I could help.