Nancy Pelosi Is Apparently a ‘Fashion Icon’ Now

Ashley (Kimber)

Just when you thought the media couldn’t get any more pathetic when it comes to their sycophantic adoration of the Democrats…

Holy CRAP.

I mean… our First Lady is an ACTUAL MODEL. She looks like a freaking Vogue editorial every day. Would they EVER say anything like this about her?

No. Of course not. She’s married to Trump, and he’s EVIL.

The story isn’t really sitting well with anyone…

But I mean…

ACCURATE. “Fashion Icon?” Really? You might as well call Hillary “grandma pantsuit” Clinton a “Fashion Icon.” (WAIT! Let’s not give them any ideas…)

Not even her usual cronies are into this:

Lol. Leave it to these knobs to make this about THE PATRIARCHY.


Yes it is.

Democracy dies in WHAT, again?