Mock and Daisy Discuss Trump’s Non-Cover-Up, Pete Butututugegegege’s Rage, and Dem Debates

Daisy, Co-Founder

Trump has been transparent AF – you can practically see straight through him (Twitter much?), but regardless – Nance McChewHerCud still believes there’s a “coverup”. Because she’s dead-set on creating a false narrative and setting taxpayer money on fire. Why not? We’re already broke. And she’s rich as balls with walls around her mansion, so pay no mind, silly minions.

Also, Pete he-shall-not-be-named-by-Mock is looking more and more to me like Eddie Haskell. For those of you young’uns who don’t know who that is, he’s a young character in an old show called Leave it To Beaver who acted all sweet to parents, but was really a total sh*t. Yep. This guy is mean. He looks like Alfred E. Newman on the outside, tells the press what they want to hear in a lot of these interviews, puts on a good show, but there’s some true fury brewing on the inside of this dude. Just ask Mike Pence – a guy he was friends with until he decided to run for president. Sooooo ugly.

Although his fury will be interesting to watch during the first Democrat debates, which start next month – June 26th and 27th, to be exact. They’re going to be in Miami, which is diverse and colorful and all that stuff. Just like Democrats, according to them. Mock thinks that if they wanted to be diverse, they should’ve held the debates right on the border.


Anywho, hope y’all have a wonderful Memorial Day. Barbeques and an extra day off from work are so wonderful, but please remember what this weekend means. We are so grateful to the men and women who have served our country (the greatest on the planet) and given the ultimate sacrifice – so that we can live free (and run our yappers like we do on a daily basis – praise be!). We thank you and honor you today, this weekend, and every day.

Happy Memorial Day weekend, y’all.